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Advantages of the service
There are more advantages than just saving you money and providing a convenient, instant service:
  • Privacy: the international number you dial won't be listed on your phone bill. Obviously though you should only use the service if you have permission from whoever pays the bill though.
  • Avoid call barring: remember, you're dialing a UK number, so international call bars won't have any effect. That means you can probably call from work or anywhere. But again, obviously you should have permission.
Tips and tricks
  • Going abroad? Let your mates back home stay in touch with you, give them your phone number and the access number. Your mum will thank you too!
  • Mates going abroad? Even if your mates are just going on holiday, get their hotel's phone number and their room number, and call them cheaply! Remember that they may have their mobile abroad but they'll have to pay for incoming calls too (anywhere from 60p to 1.50 per minute!), so do them a favour and just call them at the hotel - it's cheaper than calling their mobile (for both you and them)!
  • Once you've found out what access numbers you use the most, save them in your mobile: that way they're handy whenever you need them.
  • Write your most frequently used number on your phone! (Or near it!) Keep the access numbers near your phone so you always have them to hand. A good way of doing this is getting our free, printable cheap international calls guide (PDF). Do your mates a favour and photocopy it for them!
  • Use the service to send faxes: you can use our cheap international calls service to send faxes too. If you use a normal fax machine for faxing, just dial our access number, wait for the initial greeting and then your dial your fax number. Your fax should be sent as normal - you might need to press Start when you hear the fax signal. If you're sending a fax from your PC either via a modem or a remote fax machine, you'll probably have to add a pause between the access number and the fax number. You usually can do this by adding a comma, for example: "access number,enter fax number here".

New: download our printable cheap international phone calls guide (PDF). It lists all our destinations as well as their access numbers, costs and dialing codes.

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