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The reason why calling mobiles is more expensive is because of the greed of mobile network operators. Whenever a phone call crosses between two networks (e.g. from a landline to mobile), the person who owns the destination network charges a 'termination fee' from the other network. Mobile networks are just greedy and set this fee at a very high level (probably to help pay for most mobile networks' huge advertising spending). Competition / fair trading authorities are investigating this.

Phone operators like us are powerless to reduce the price, and we make no more profit on you calling a mobile than we do on a landline.

The good news is that through pressure, these rates have come down and we have been able to significantly reduce the cost of calling mobiles in many countries, allowing you to make cheap mobile calls as well.

New: download our printable cheap international phone calls guide (PDF). It lists all our destinations as well as their access numbers, costs and dialing codes.

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