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Latest news:
- Alec Baldwin's Rust trial dismissed over hidden evidence
- Many Democrats are sticking with Biden. Here's why
- Death and rubble fill streets of Tal Al-Sultan as rescuers dodge Israeli fire
- Five jailed for Ecuador presidential candidate's murder
- Indian tycoon Ambani's son weds in extravagant ceremony
- Children killed in Nigeria school collapse

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Interesting fact
The number of cars on the planet is increasing three times faster than the population growth.

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DeepLake is proud to announce DeepLake Ringtones. We bring you an excellent range of monophonic and polyphonic ringtones at excellent rates. Get a ringtone now - click here - easy and fast ordering!

UK users: free football screensavers!
DeepLake is delighted to launch its new, free football screensavers for the top English and Scottish clubs (Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Rangers and Celtic) as well as for the England national team. Stay up to date with the latest fixtures and support your club! Get your free screensaver as well as live football results and news at the new DeepLake UK Football Zone. Once you've got a football screensaver, why not get a matching football ringtone?

DeepLake Jokes -- jokes for everyone!
In addition to the tons of jokes we had before, we've now got even more jokes: Little Johnny, Doctor and many more. Of course, we still have your old favourites: blonde jokes, yo momma and insults!

Funny Screensavers
Our hilarous screensavers - the Blonde Joke Screensaver and the Yo Momma Joke Screensaver are really popular, and it's not hard to see why. All our screensavers are FREE, easy to install and have hundreds of jokes. The screensavers are updated regularly, and thanks to the 'upgrade' feature, you can upgrade you screensaver really easily. Download your screensaver now!

DeepLake Babes
Our babes site, DeepLake Babes, is one of our main sites and you can find over 825 FREE pictures of your favourite female celebrities and actresses including Britney Spears, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Cindy Crawford and many more. We also have the Hot Pic of the Day and the Super Hot Pic of the Day. Even better, you can browse through the entire archive (nearly two years) of these pictures!

Male Celebrity Pictures has given in to public demand, and we've now got pics of your favourite male Hollywood hunks including Will Smith, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and many more. We've got over 240 top quality pictures here -- be sure to check them out now.

Movie and Album of the Month

The Movie
Kill Bill Vol. 1 is the 4th film from Quentin Tarantino. Kill Bill is a fantastic story about an assasin out to get her revenge. It's sleek, quite fast moving and spectacular. We strongly recommend it.

The Album
Yes, I know this is the second time that we've picked the soundtrack album for the movie of the month as the album of the month, but Kill Bill's soundtrack deserves it. It covers a wide range of types of music, so there's definetly something for everyone. Read on for the full story!

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Men Jokes
After the male celeb pics, this was only a matter of time. Are you sick of blonde jokes? Don't get mad, get even -- with men jokes! Just cruelly subject your man to a few of these howlers and you'll never hear another blonde joke. Men Jokes screensaver coming soon!

South Park
South Park is the most outrageous adult cartoon out there. Our site has pictures of Cartman, Kenny, Kyle, Stan and Chef which you can place on your home page, or just download for fun. Some of the pictures are even animated!

King of the Hill
"Taste the meat, not the heat" with our excellent King of the Hill web site. Come in to Arlen to find out more about Hank Hill's beloved propane (and propane accessories). We've got WAV sound clips, pictures, a King of the Hill viewing guide and more. Come in and meet Hank, Peggy, Bobby, Luanne, Boomhauer and the rest of Arlen's residents!

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